Forum Rules



1. Respectful behavior:

As these forums are intended to offer a platform for our users to communicate and interact with each other, a respectful behaviour is absolutely essential – even if there are disputes and conflicts. Talk to others like you want to be talked to and stick to facts rather than being offensive.


2. No spam:

Nonsense-posts or any kind of post that contains no (topic-related) information are generally unwanted. Nobody wants to read posts containing nothing but a smilie, “/signed”- or “fullack”-posts.

Also, if you quote text from others, confine yourself to the relevant parts instead of quoting full, long posts as everyone has read them before and they don’t need to appear multiple times. The same is considered for pyramid quoting.


3. Use the search engine:

Following the second rule, we recommend to always use the search engine before you start a new topic. Many topics were already discussed and you will maybe find a solution for your question/problem. For the sake of clearness and to avoid redundancy, you can use existing/similar threads to post your questions.

Topics appearing that have already been discussed (multiple times) in combination with the obviousness that the search engine wasn’t used will very likely be closed.


4. Remain in context:

Hold the context while posting. Posts changing the subject of a thread will be deleted. If  you search for specific information or you want to say something non-topic-related, use the search engine first and if that didn’t help, create a new topic.


5. Privacy terms:

Private correspondence between Gladiators Online team members and forum users is not permitted to be made public. This also applies for private communication between users; if you want to publish a private message, both sides need to know and agree.

Respect the privacy of other members of Gladiators Online and generally don’t publish any kind of personal information (addresses, phone numbers, email addresses…).


6. No trolling, no flaming:

Trolling describes posting for the only reason to insult others or violate the forum rules. Offensive posts of that kind will not be tolerated and users who only come to the forums for trolling purposes (so called “trolls”) will be excluded from the community.

Also, don’t feed the trolls. Sometimes it’s just better to ignore offending posts instead of paying attention or counter-flaming.


7. Advertisements:

Posting of advertisements is not allowed, especially for other games.


8. Native forum language:

In order to avoid discussions becoming unnecessarily complicated, please use the corresponding forum language.


9. Discussion of warnings, bans and other sanctions:

If you feel the need to discuss a warning or ban, don’t do that in the public forums. Send an e-mail to


10. Possible reasons for immediate bans or deletion of accounts:

Users can be excluded from Gladiators Online-community, if the forum rules are strongly violated, especially discriminative, hateful, obscene behaviour, the posting of pornography, racism, vulgar or in other ways offensive language, disgusting content of any kind, illegal activities (as well as advocative discussion of illegal activities) or links to sites that contain any of the forecited points.

10.1 Warnings

Moderators can speak out warnings to players that violate the forum rules. If a player receives the third warning, her/his account will be locked for 24 hours. If a player receives the sixth warning, the account will be deleted.